Oscar winning French order!

So, I went to the Chamber of Commerce regular weekly breakfast this week. The Chamber meet each Wednesday at 7am at Woodies in Newhaven.

We give 1 minute overviews of our businesses and what we have to say as a update. Usually there are some Interesting and witty comments passed all around and one of the more comical types wins this Oscar aware for the best 1 minute.

Anyway, I did think that one day I should really try and win it. But, I never thought I was going to come up with anything that would be funny enough or entertaining enough to be awarded it.

To my surprise, just as my 1 minute was up this week, I squeezed in the fact that this week, Lanoguard had received it’s first order from France. The Chamber cheered and really appreciated this little comment. Soooo anyway, this won me the Oscar from Mr Mike Shorer, who was the local Jeweller that won it last week. 🙂

Thanks Mike,


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