I am very creative and innovative, especially in mind and actions. However, Creativity and the ability to harness it into business is something that has taken many years for me to understand and utilise well.

I have always been creative and innovative in solution finding, problem solving, building systems, making new businesses, influencing people and indeed in my personal life building wooden furniture, designing our house or drawing our future vision. But it was only when I took a lot of quality time out from my businesses that I realised how to use this to great effect in business.

The key is the ability to think and create when you have a “mind like water”. The ability to clearly think and then to clearly think objectively and proportionately about all thoughts, ideas, points and innovations with the appropriate amount of time. You must be able to truly differentiate between pebbles, boulders and asteroids dropped in the water! If you have a Mill pond for a mind, this is very easy. When the mill pond is a choppy sea, it is near impossible to be creative or innovative or indeed productive.

Simply put, “One’s best work can only come from an unlaboured mind!”

It is rare one can create this unlaboured mind state to work on one’s own business or life.

It is something I find easy to do now and especially for others. It is this mind state, time and skill that I can use to great affect for you and your business. Read the “For Hire” page if to want to know more.