Computer based maths at The Royal Institute

Very interesting day yesterday and hopefully today too at the Wolfram Computer Based Maths conference.

Some very good thought provoking talks including Dr Karthauser’s talk on Dr Dots.

The question for me currently is “Do we need to understand how the math is done or is it ok to just let the computer do it while we progress to higher levels of achievements?”

More later after today’s sessions.

Today’s session left me with much of the same thinking. I posed this question to Conrad Wolfram “is CBM (Computer based maths) to maths what GPS is to map reading??

He thinks it is, but wants to come back to me on it to be sure :-).

Personally, I think it is. :-). This in turn will allow future Laymen to be rocket scientists and allow future Rocket Scientists to become??????

A good conference all in all.

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