Is it “Business” or “Busy ness”…  it’s our choice is my view.

Although not the main point of this site and something that’s more at home on my linked in profile, of course my businesses form much of what I get up to and provide me with the work life balance I am afforded and indeed many of the experiences that have and do make me.  Below is an overview of the businesses I’m involved in, but first here is an extract of a mini bio that was written about me recently, which I feel provides a good insight too:

“Mark Beaumont has broad experience in the fields of technology and innovation and associated business growth. Working with companies to bring their products and ideas to market, creating Intellectual property along the way. He has set up multiple companies of his own and grown them. He has worked in a Global capacity for other business and his own, set up distribution and manufacturing agreements worldwide and created ideologies resulting in the followings of teams. He brings to the board his many connections and vast knowledge from these ventures. He provides idea evaluation, lateral thinking, IP creation, product research & design, product marketing and routes to market expertise. Mark also has a thorough understanding of business structures, commercial agreements and finance. If something needs creating, starting up and a team assembled, Mark is positioned well to advise and help.

Mark’s work in the past has involved business turnarounds and his CPD, education and experience of over 20 years in the business world means he can approach things with demonstrable and clear business acumen together with thinking which really delivers.

Mark is a thought leader and instigator. He is always striving to improve and happy to take the first step and lead. In his recent time, he even led the way to a full 7 year journey resulting in a published British Standard for his industry knowledge within his first business.

Mark has a keen interest in his local community, he has recently created an apprentice and entrepreneurs panel for his local community and works with his local community in many capacities such as the chamber of commerce and local schools work, so as to help regenerate areas of business and the community in need.”

My business interests are, in general, within the field of innovation. I also work with companies to invest, support, coach and mentor which leads me into a variety of interesting fields.

Here is a list of the businesses I own, have shares in or have an active role within, but again, Linked in would show you more too:

ENS International UK

Infacom Ltd

Demand to Supply Ltd

IRIS Connect Ltd
Buy from and enquire at Connect

Asset Protector

Produce Pack Deliver Ltd
This is a special purpose vehicle for manufacturing of our products as required. So this does not have a web site.

Dr Dots

Lewes District Council SPV’s for economic regeneration of the local area.

I may also post more information about the businesses I work with in a strategic partnership approach, by way of coaching support to the owner or as a client of Demand to Supply LTD for commercial services to them, but often these are more sensitive and are in the incubation phase.

My Linked in profile is here: