BETT that was good

So, BETT 2013. Was not sure about going this year. But very glad I did. There were a few things worth seeing.

iBoardTouch’s awesome all in one LED LCD IWB’s
Lapsafe’s new laptop rental Diplomat LMS
Mediacore’s amazing video platform
Schoolcomm’s parent communications systems new apps
IRIS connect’s CPD new dual camera systems
A multiplayer cooperative physics game concept
Visual Algebra Apps concepts

Also quite a few new tablets and operations systems to consider for education and a host of new apps and hardware to suit them.

The above are just a few of the brilliant new products within the infacom portfolio.

This year looks to be an exciting year for Infacom and the education market’s new technology use.

More on this as the year progresses. We just need to get as many people to have deomsrations and training overviews on all this stuff 🙂

Mark Beaumont




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