The Best Networking (people I mean, not ICT)

Networking.  Theres so much to business networking that makes it work well.   Yet it is very hard to meet like minds and get a networking meeting together that works as it should.

It is so important that all the attendees understand they are there to get to know the other attendees, also that the mission is not to sell to the others in the room but to build trust in order that the others feel comfortable to allow you to get to know the trusted connections they have.

I have recently been attending a breakfast club where this appears to be the ethos..  which is a breath of fresh air and attractive to maintain ones attendance on a regular basis.

Through all the years of being in business I have never found a medium to work better than such a network.  Social media is of course great too, but only to compliment and support such strong and trusting networking.

Well done to anyone who has managed to set up, run and maintain attendance at any networking event such as the above.  Hat off to you and thanks.



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