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When I attended the breakfast meeting at 7am last week on Wednesday, my name was drawn from the hat containing the names of all of the members of the Newhaven Chambers of Commerce. Which means I have had to write an article for the “Spotlight member” feature. So, 100 words or less about me. Well that’s a challenge as anyone who knows me will know. So hopefully, this little lot should do it. Oh and I had to take a picture of my face too 🙂 So here goes:

“Mark has a holistic approach to life, business, the local area and his family.

In 1998 Mark founded Infacom with his family, which today is a local thriving AV company. He went on to build a portfolio of successful business interests locally and globally.

Mark’s broad experience and business network led him to create Demand to Supply Ltd. A business which offers a highly experienced lateral thinking team to allow people to access the same tools he uses to achieve business growth through innovation.”

To find links to his business’s websites, or find out more about Mark’s interests see “

Mark’s Sussex Express head picture

About Mark Beaumont

Innovative Business Founder. Driven, out of the box thinker.
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