Starting young to make more social entrepreneurs


Yesterday I wanted to attend a debrief of the peer review of East Sussex County Council which I was involved in as an interviewee.
As mummy was away Skiing with her friend, I had Harry with me, son number 2. So I thought as he is now 3 years old I should introduce him to the world Rolf executive briefing!
He caught people’s eyes that’s for sure. Not every day a 3 year old in a hat walks in to an exec briefing! :).

I’m glad I did attend and it was great that the council were happy for me to take Harry. It was really useful to gain the insight the peer team were able to summarise. I look forward to hearing if the report.

Main take aways for me were simply that councils are going to have to make their assets work. So, perhaps I can help them to start to think about their money, infrastructure and human capital (bringing their excellent officer task and finish skills) as tools which they must never give away, but use as powerful empowerment vehicles for social entrepreneurs. I’m sure over time this will become the norm. But entrepreneurs and local councils first have to find a way of truly trusting and working together in a united way.


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