Making Local, the place to be and to really live

Local. It’s amazing just how much there is going on locally when you are able to watch and observe it. Which often requires the time and the money.  So often too much time is spent away from home and from the local area that you simply miss too much. So many people, so many developments, opportunities and general Community goings on.

It is time for me to spend more time locally and start to make a difference where I can.

I saw the Seaford “Beachcomber” being demolished today (then laterly many comments on facebook and the like about this), the new cormorant bird sculpture in Newhaven Harbour, the parking prices in Brighton and the Brighton eye and Palace Pier attracting so many local people and tourists. There is so much we can do to make the local area of Lewes district in which we live the place we really want to live. Living Lewes is a philiosophy I have started to outline in my own notes, which I hope to a contribution to all of this.




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