How much fun for free

Well, this weekend has been one of much labour of love (work really).   It took me over a day to cut the grass (or should I say, hay).

It was about 12 inches long!..   anyway, the upside of the grass cutting session was that Harry and Jake and thier friends from down the road got a ride in the John Deere Gator, or tractor as they call it.

We collected the grass up for the horses down the road to eat.  There was such a lot of grass I didnt want to waste it so I asked the lady down the road if she wanted it for ther horses.

We filled up and tipped out one Gator truck full and realised that there was going to be about 6 or 7 loads more, so they are going ot finish it tomorrow..

Just some of the free fun (well, the tractor mower and the gator truck isnt free I guess) you can have knocking around outside.  The kids absolutely loved it.  The simple things in life a!…  always the best.

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