Hire me?


Do I read and sound like a skill set that will really help you in your business or in life? Need a trusted, proven, skilled man to help you steer at the helm?

I can work with you, long term or short term.  If you need inspiration, motivation and innovation in your business or in you, or you need to drive your business to a new place but are unsure where to start. If you need to work out how to innovate and to really implement change, create a well reasoned ideology for people to follow and to get people and staff on side, then I am sure you will not be disappointed with the results I can achieve.  I also have a team of trusted team mates should we need to form an expert team.

The best way to hire me is simply by “defined projects”, payable on defined milestones and outcomes. Which is how to get the best from me. There are some occasions where I will work on straight day rates too, an example of these would be: for investigation to enable scoping of the project; for one off events; motivational or inspirational speaking; as a mentor or sounding board for your plans and ideas or as a long term non exec director. Please contact me to discuss your requirements and we can go from there.


I approach this “defined projects” style of work with a process I simply call “Tilo”. Time in your life. Understanding the existing walk of life in your life, in your business and in your world. Understanding and observing your issues and spending time in your or your business’ life I can truly observe around the issues and quickly build a report, plan of action, project and a timeline. Ultimately, this is how I have achieved everything in my life, by spending the right amount of focused observation time and being able to approach everything from a fresh to see what others simply miss or appear not to be able to see. With my fresh view and perspective from the Tilo, we can inspire, innovate, create and interact to build a powerful plan.

An example of projects old and new are:

Innovate our processes
Innovate our Sales process
Buy this business, turn it around and sell it on
Increase our sales by XX %
Increase our Profit by XX% by removing waste
Change the way we think in our business
Get all our staff thinking customer first
Provide insight to the board and a new directional concept
Make our Management information real time
Turn this loss making business around
Change the culture of them and us in our business
Change this dis-functional board into a powerful team
Re-position who we are in the market place

We can deliver reports with simple action plans and action points for you to implement, or unlike many we will very happily detail out, implement and execute on the whole plan. The only restriction to the projects we will take on is that all projects must have a clearly agreeable, definable outcome. One which, when achieved, makes the project an undeniable success.

I will happily chat with you about your needs, come to you for a discussion to work out the project and agree how to deliver exactly what you need.

Thank you for your interest, I look forward to hearing from you and meeting with you.