Ferry good turn around

A turning around of the Ferry!..

I am really pleased that after much work and many hours of time from colleagues and friends in Normandie France and Sussex, that the Newhaven to Dieppe ferry service has been granted an extension of subsidy by the French Seine-Maritime counsel general.

Working as part of the “Operational Committee Transmanche” with local council and businesses to affect this has been a very interesting piece of work for the community and we hope for the local economic benefits long term.

The next 12 months are the most important of course, to work hard to ensure that the amount of subsidy required starts a downward trend and secures the long term support of the French councils and local businesses both in Dieppe and Newhaven.  Enough traction has been established, that I believe it will.

Of course the ferry is important to the port of Newhaven too.  Ensuring it is profitable able to build on the bright future of being a truly exciting green technology port in the coming years, with EON’s Rampion wind farm and various other green tech companies taking up residence in Newhaven.

Let’s see how 2015 pans out for the future of ferry and for Newhaven too.



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