Bridging the Education and Business gap

I post this topic to ask a question really: What is the gap between the ideal employee as Busines owners are saying they want and that of students which are output from today’s schools and FE establishments?

In essence I believe it to be to clearly demonstrate ones ability of the skill of learning. That is knowing “how to learn”. Showing that you understand that is not only the “what one knows” but more the “how one thinks”. Not aptitude or attitude, but perhaps more how one applies both and how one can demonstrate this to a potential employer or investor easily.

Perhaps this is called Entrepreneurship. Perhaps it is simply common sense. Who knows? But we do know that this gap is definately one which needs bridging.

Perhaps the bridge is a commerciality element of schooling, or a new type of workplace connected schooling like a University Technical College concept, or perhaps it’s simply a whole new approach to teaching which would include new ways to gain and hold students attention, one which allows a students thinking and reasoning to ignite and with it allowing the student to learn how to learn and then to apply their skill to achieve an outcome never thought achievable by them before.

I know we need to do all we can to bridge this gap and do all we can to provide aspiration to our learners of today to encourage them to achieve this kind of knowledge and skill. I also know this will take much energy and good deal of cohesion from all walks of life and no doubt a good few years. So….. Who’s up for the challenge? 🙂

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